Iraq has been affected significantly by the Covid-19 pandemic. The region has already been suffering for years with people in poverty, displaced persons and a rise in orphans and widows due to the on-going conflict. Usually, during the Holy Month of Ramadhan, there is a communal atmosphere more than ever in Iraq where neighbours would share their evening meals and the Holy sites would open their doors to the public to come together and break their fast. However, with the rise of the pandemic, the usual festivities came to a halt with the country locking down.

In addition to the yearly Ramadhan food basket distribution, The Mainstay Foundation reacted to the crisis by facilitating the distribution of food baskets to those in need throughout Iraq. We were able to distribute around 1,200 baskets specifically to children and a further 8,800 to other individuals throughout the country to help relieve the hunger that many would have faced during this time.