The Mainstay Foundation made substantial progress in 2017.

We have partnered with more organisations across the globe, implemented essential projects in education, community development and matters relating to faith and have touched the lives of thousands of people from all walks of life. The common thread in all of this has been the following: promoting efficiency. We do not want to just have effective activities funded for our global Shia Muslim community’s advancement and development. We want to ensure that the valuable resources that our philanthropists have generously put forth to support our communities are not wasted. We want the tireless efforts of volunteers and professionals of all kinds to be valued and not taken for granted. We want each beneficiary, regardless of the form or depth of their need, to receive the best quality of service and benefit.

It’s not just more people will benefit when we are dedicated to promoting efficiency; but by implementing best practices based in accountability, transparency and efficiency we are committing ourselves to a higher standard of service. Because that is what we are all here to do – to serve. We are working day in and day out to be that bridge of service, for those who wish to give to those who are in need to receive.

We have a commitment to both the community member receiving and the community member giving. Our commitment is to maximize the resources put forth for the community, in essence to give the greatest return on the investment. Through our systems of evaluation and assessment, we work to make existing and future support go farther and last longer in utility and impact.

Our impact is as great as our resolve. And in fulfilling our mission to advance Shia Muslim communities globally in the areas of faith, education and development; our reliance is on God Almighty – but through one another.

Through the tireless efforts of our professionals and volunteers, the visionary support of community philanthropists and the strategic partnerships of service oriented
organisations, we envision a global community that has no bounds for progress and growth. So long as we are dedicated to accountability, measured outcomes and strategic resourcefulness, we will fulfill that vision each and every day.

Mohammad Marashi

Chairman of the Board of Trustees